by Steve Carney / 620 WDAE

One day after avoiding arbitration by signing a $14 million contract for 2014, Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price joined the Ron & Ian show to talk about not only his own contract, but also his possible future with the team.

"[Arbitration] does stink," Price admitted. "I think the worst part about it is that you could report to Spring Training, and then have to leave to attend the arbitration hearing.  It's always good to not have to go to those things, because I hear they're not a lot of fun."

As for his future, the 2012 Cy Young winner hopes he can follow in teammate Evan Longoria's footsteps and get a long-term deal with the team completed.

"This is kind of all I know," Price said.  "You kind of learn how the system works, and you grow relationship with not only your teammates, but the people who work at the Trop, and the people who work down in Port Charlotte."

The left-hander also talked about the contracts he has seen other pitchers get and what it could mean for him, how his arm is feeling following a season in which he spent his first time on the disabled list, and what he might be planning to do with the new salary.

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