Rays owner Stu Sternberg and president Matt Silverman met with officials of the Tampa Bay Partnership Wednesday and though they didn't care to comment afterwards, others did and shared the concerning picture facing the team.

Partnership chairman Chuck Sykes told the Tampa Bay Times how the Rays addressed the impatience of other MLB owners when it comes to sharing revenue.

Sykes said he learned that other owners "are not happy with the situation, because if you think about it, the thing right now that's really sustaining the team is revenue sharing."

It's that attitude which, Sykes suggested, makes the team's pressure to get something done about a new stadium pretty high.

Sykes also passed along the message (Sternberg and Silverman did not comment) of how the team's talks with St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster are going. He said the ownership sounded "very positive" about that progress.

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