BY: John Mamola

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon made headlines over the weekend following his comments about the reception the Tropicana Field crowd gave to the New York Yankees and specifically Derek Jeter.  Saturday marked the second sellout out of the season with a crown of just over 31,000+ attending, many of which were Yankee fans attending the game getting one last glimpse of the future hall of famer.

"It's great that it's sold out,” said Maddon Saturday.  “I understand that the people like Derek Jeter. But you've got to come out and root for the Rays, too, you understand. I mean, I totally understand what's going on. But I'm not going to sit here and defend all of that noise in the Yankees' favor in our ballpark. I'm not going to defend that. So we're going to come out and root for the Rays. We'd appreciate that."

Rays television voice DeWayne Staats joined WDAE’s “The Ron And Ian Show” on Monday morning and reacted to the comments made by the Rays’ skipper. 

“People come from New York and now they’re here making a living,” said Staats.  “They’re providing food and shelter for their family and a way of life.  I understand that I grew up this (team) fan or that (team) fan, but you’re here now.   Support this area, and if where you came from was so great than why did you have to leave that area to get another opportunity.  Could that area where you’re now supporting not support you, or not give you the opportunity and you came here.”

Staats did mention that he realizes the situation and the area’s demographics are heavily in play with the discussion point.

“The logic in this is that we’re in a place where all of us, whether we’re in broadcasting or real estate or whatever we do, we earn our living here,” said the Rays broadcaster.  “It would be great to see that kind of loyalty to the Rays and to the Bucs and to the Lightning, because the other franchises here go through the same type of situation.”

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