BY: John Mamola

It is a fact that David Price signed a one year extension for $14 million dollars this past off season to stay with the Tampa Bay Rays.  It is a fact that the Tampa Bay Rays decided not to move David Price in a trade this off season.

So why does the conversation surrounding David Price continue to swirl around the possible deal the Rays may make involving Price with another team?

ESPN’s senior MLB insider Jayson Stark joined WDAE’s ‘The Sports Page’ on Tuesday and said while the rumors were there, the Rays did the smart thing by keeping Price for the 2014 season.

“The market never lined up and the Rays do business, they never went into this (offseason) saying we have to trade him.   They (Rays) went into it saying we will trade him if we get our Price, literally.  And they never got it,” said Stark.

Stark believes no matter how the Rays play in the first half of the season leading into the trade deadline, the Rays will not be trading David Price.  However Stark says while Price is staying in Tampa Bay for 2014, it’s almost certain that Price will be traded this coming winter.

“I do think they almost have to trade him this winter though, don’t they?” said Stark.  “At some point he’s not going to be a Rays.  He knows it,  we know it, they know it.  But the trouble that they run into when you get a year from free agency, there is limit to how much you can get.  So I guess there is an outside possibility that he could go the ‘Carl Crawford route’ and just play it (Price’s contract) out.  But nobody pretends that they will be giving him Clayton Kershaw money (7 Years/$215 Million) and keep him forever.”

Although there are rumors that Price could be dealt this spring, Stark reiterated that he believes there is no way the Rays will part ways with Price in the spring. 




Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images