Progress? Yes, progress!

We think.

According to Rays owner Stu Sternberg on Tuesday, there may indeed be some ground being made towards the team being able to explore possible stadium sites in Hillsborough County.

In comments -- viewable HERE in full -- made to the Tampa Bay Times Sternberg spoke of his recent conversations with St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster, who has been incessantly stringent on not wanting the Rays to leave Pinellas.

"The details I'm certainly not going to speak about, but it is no secret that the mayor and I have had a number of conversations over a lengthy period of time, and I would like to believe that's going to bear some fruit," said Sternberg.

While Foster did not give much of a response, City Council Chairman Karl Nurse told the Times the city and Rays are trying to "draft an agreement" that will allow the Rays to look for possible locations on both sides of the Bay.