Could the Rays actually get a sweep in Toronto, even though on the scoreboard they won just two of the three games?

Only if manager Joe Maddon's protest of Saturday's outcome is upheld.

But the likelihood of that is not very high, says longtime Rays beat writer Marc Topkin. He discussed the play with WDAE's Sports Page Monday morning.

"The Rays are absolutely, 100 per cent right," Topkin said. "This was done against the rules... but ultimately even though the Rays, even though they are totally right about this, are gonna end up losing the protest."

At issue is whether a replay should have been allowed to be used to examine Wil Myers' being picked off. The call was correctly overturned, but pitcher Mark Buehrle had gone back to the pitching rubber and the next batter was in the box.

"Once the mechanism is looked -- BOOM," Maddon said calmly after the game Saturday.

He added, "I'm trusting that they're going to interpret the rule properly, and get us to that point in the game."

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