BY: John Mamola

Two weeks have passed since the Tampa Bay Rays have traded David Price to the Detroit Tigers in the final moments of MLB’s trade deadline.  Since then the Rays who were smoking hot at 11-2 in the final 13 games with Price on the Rays roster have cooled down to a 5-5 mark since the deal. 

While Rays management termed the deal as a decision that was posed by the economic model and the growing disparity in the sports of baseball, many fans did not see eye to eye with what the Rays received in return for the trade.

Former Texas Rangers general manager and current broadcaster Tom Grieve joined WDAE’s “The Ron and Ian Show” on Tuesday, and stood by the decision to trade Price.

“I know the Rays have, at least in some of the articles that I’ve read, been criticized for not getting enough for David Price.  But that’s a very difficult statement to make,” said Price.  “The one thing I would caution people who want to criticize the Rays is look what they’ve been able to accomplish over the last seven or eight years.  It’s pretty obvious that they have a brilliant front office, one of the best managers in baseball, and an organization that has done virtually everything right for a long time.  If that’s the return they got for David Price, than my guess is that’s the best return that was available and there is probably some hidden gems in that return.”

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Photo Courtesy of Getty Images