by Steve Carney / 620 WDAE

The Tampa Bay Rays will look to end their three-game losing streak Wednesday night, as Chris Archer (7-5, 2.93 ERA) takes on Garret Richards (4-5, 3.95 ERA).

Rays Starting Lineup

DeJesus LF
Zobrist 2B
Longoria 3B
Joyce DH
Myers RF
Loney 1B
Jennings CF
Lobaton C
Escobar SS

Angels Starting Lineup

Shuck LF
Aybar SS
Trout CF
Hamilton DH
Trumbo 1B
Calhoun RF
Nelson 3B
Ianetta C
Green 2B

photo credit: Steve Carney / 620 WDAE 

Rays pitcher David Price talks to the media wearing a complete Vanderbilt University football uniform

PRICE GETS NEW UNIFORM: Rays pitcher David Price asked for a football uniform from his alma mater, and his coaches came through.

Price threw on the side Wednesday in a complete Commodores foorball uniform, complete with helmet and taped up spikes.

"The helmet helped me stay back over the rubber [in my side session]," Price joked.  "So I benefitted from it."

The team is planning a college football themed road trip to the west coast next weekend.