by Steve Carney

The Tampa Bay Rays announced their first five concerts for their Summer Concert Series Tuesday, which got me thinking as to who could be added to the series.

Pretty Lights

The electronic music artist is a favorite of David Price (he uses "Finally Moving", above, as his walk-out music), and he is a recognized name that will likely not command a ridiculous amount of money to play.  However, Pretty Lights plays a number of music festivals in the summer, including Coachella, and may not be available to play.

Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and the Gin Blossoms

The three 90s bands are on tour together this summer, and one of them is already a veteran of the Series (Smash Mouth played in 2009).  The team hasn't announced when 90s night would be, so this could be a possibility.

LL Cool J

The Grammy Award winning rapper and actor is back on tour this summer, but has already played the Trop twice, including last year, so it's extremely unlikely he'd be back.  However, he put on a tremendous show both times, and would undoubtedly be welcomed back.


The French rock band once again touring and appearing on the late-night shows would bring a great vibe to the Trop.

Paul McCartney

He's on tour.  He's going to be in the region (playing in Orlando).  He would easily be the biggest name to EVER play at Tropicana Field.  And I would faint if this were to ever happen.  Which is how I know it won't.

And finally, I had a friend send me a tweet of who he'd want to see at the Trop.

Gives me an excuse to play this!

Now that would be legen...wait for it...DARY!