BY: John Mamola

Last week the state of Florida’s historic preservation council notified the city of Tampa that its plan to demolish the historic Bro Bowl located on the western edge of Perry Harvey Sr. Park and rebuild a replica nearby the original location is sufficient.  The state however is also encouraging City Hall to “seriously consider” the option of leaving the bowl intact as is per the Tampa Bay Times.

The city of Tampa would like to demolish the area in order to construct a park honoring African-American history in the current location of the Bro Bowl.  Some skaters still want Tampa to preserve the original Bro Bowl due to its history.

The bowl was constructed in 1978, and is recognized as one of the only skate parks of its type still standing.

Legendary skateboarder Bob Burnquist joined WDAE’s “Ron and Ian Show” and talked about his own recollection of skating at the Tampa Skate Park and the Bro Bowl.

“I love the Tampa skate park,” said Burnquist.  “They have history and they got roots in skateboarding before the X-Games was the X-Games.  I don’t like hearing skate park destruction.”

When asked if he would throw his support behind the movement to help preserve the Bro Bowl as is, Burnquist was all in.

“Right now I support saving it I can tell you right now,” said Burnquist.  “I’m part of that skateboard movement.  We got to keep our gems and that’s one of them.”

Burnquist will be competing in X-Games 20 this weekend in Austin, Texas.