A Tampa area Baptist church made headlines over the weekend after they cancelled a funeral after finding out the man was homosexual.  Julion Evans died July 26 after a four-year battle with amyloidosis, an illness that claimed the lives of his father and brother.

The process in which the church cancelled the wedding, according to the Tampa Bay Times, was Pastor T.W. Jenkins of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church saw the obituary in the newspapers with Evans’ husband Kendall Capers.

According to the paper, Capers said the pastor told the family that to conduct a funeral for a gay man would be "blasphemous."

"We can't even have a dignified service like the next person could?" Capers said to the Tampa Bay Times. "This is 2014, and we're still going through this."

WDAE’s Ian Beckles is a friend of the brother of the deceased, and took time out of the show on Monday to voice his displeasure with the cancelling of the funeral.