Former NFL kicker and friend of the show, Martin Gramatica, joined Ron Diaz and Ian Beckles Thursday morning to discuss Derrick Brooks, being named in the linebacker's Hall of Fame Speech, Connor Barth and the progress of the Gramatica Family Foundation

Gramatica also took time during the call to reflect on the attitude of the Buccaneers under Tony Dungy.

"What Derrick's done for this community - not only on the football field, but as a person - and that's partly one of the reasons we have so many quality guys on that leader. We had leaders like Derrick, and first of all, you didn't want to lose Coach Dungy down and then, you didn't want to let these guys down.

"You had Sapp, you had Lynch, now you see Derrick, you know, as your leaders. As a rookie I said, 'Man, I better play good. do you see how hard these guys work?' You see how much stuff they do in the community."

To hear the entire conversation with Martin Gramatica, click the player below:



 Photo: Getty Images