Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King, now an analyst for NBC Sports, joined the Ron and Ian Show Wednesday to discuss various NFL topics including the big one of the week.

And King didn't leave any doubts as to how he felt over the Michael Sam/Tony Dungy situaiton.

"I don't understand what the uproar is about," he said, adding he was "disappointed" that Dungy felt the need to clarify his initial comments, that he would not have drafted Sam due to the distractions it would have created.

King gave his own opinions on the matter as well.

"I disagree with homosexuality, but I'm not homophobic. I wouldn't have a problem having a gay teammate," King told Ron Diaz.

King also spoke on the Buccaneers' big offseason improvements.

"Now it's all about putting it all together," King said. "Hopefully having a guy like Lovie will shorten the (improvement) period for us."

Here is the full conversation: