Luis Suarez bites another player!  If he wanted Italian, couldn’t we hook him up with a nice gift certificate?

Suárez, the Uruguayan striker who has emerged as one of the best players in the world over the past year, is a biter. A serial one at that.

For the third time in his career, Suárez is facing potential punishment for appearing to sink his teeth into an opponent. This time, it happened  during Uruguay’s 1-0 victory over Italy on Tuesday. Late in the second half, Suárez bumped into Giorgio Chiellini while battling for position in the penalty area and then dropped his head into Chiellini’s shoulder and took a bite leaving bite marks.

No penalty was given during the match, but there will be punishment to come.

Want to know something really weird?  The referee — a Mexican named Marco Rodríguez has nickname of Dracula because of his resemblance to a version of that character on Mexican .

Suárez’s first biting incident came in 2010, when he was playing for the Dutch club Ajax. In that instance, he was suspended for seven games for biting an opponent on the neck, prompting a Dutch newspaper to call him the Cannibal of Ajax.

Alas, the biting continued to take place. In April 2013, Suárez was caught on biting Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea. This time, Suárez was barred for 10 games.

Why this man is allowed to continue playing soccer is beyond us.