The Olympics are over to the delight of many, however the United States could not win the overall medal count as Russia defended its own home turf and finished first with a little help from the US.  How is this possible?  Say hello to Vic Wild who is a snowboarder from White Salmon, Washington who turned his back on his home country and took two gold medals home for Russia.

“I would not have snowboarded for the United States,” Wild said, via Yahoo! Sports. “I was done snowboarding. I would have moved on. I would have gone to college. And I would have had a great life. I had another option. The only option to snowboard was to go to Russia and snowboard. I wanted to continue snowboarding, to see how good I can be. I wanted to know I gave it everything I had.”

So how can an American end up competing for Russia?  When the United States Ski and Snowboard Association dissolved its alpine snowboarding program after the Vancouver Games, Wild was left with a choice: end his career or defect.

Wild wed Russian snowboarder Alena Zavarzina in 2011 and applied for citizenship in her country.