Everyone remembers the awesome story of Jack Hoffman, the seven-year-old brain cancer survivor who became the star of Nebraska's Spring Game with the following play:

Little Jack captured the heart of not only football fans, but the nation as well. Shortly after the game, Upper Deck designed a special card just for Hoffman.

The honorary Husker signed four of the cards and one was auctioned off on ebay with Upper Deck planning to contribute the money the "Star Rookie" card made to Hoffman's pediatric brain cancer foundation, Team Jack.

The winning bid was for $6,100, but the person who placed the bid has no intention on paying up.

Why? Because according to Prep 2 Sports owner Mike Schnoor, who is selling the card on behalf of Team Jack, said he was contacted by the winner who is claiming the bid was placed by his friend as a joke:

“It’s a pretty sore subject around here,” Schnoor told Beckett Media. “The guy who ended up winning said a guy logged into his account and bid on it as a joke. It goes from a great story to kind of sobering.”

Pretty funny, douchebag. You know what else is funny? You're going to be exposed one way or another and everyone will know what an A-Hole you really are.