Favorite of the show Jim Hickey has been enjoying some time off from the game but his appearance on the show Wednesday was far from a vacation. The Rays pitching coach brought some pretty inside information.

Of particular interest are two players Hickey said he's spoken with. One is David Price.

"It's been discussed and it's been kicked around," Hickey said on the possibility of trading Price. "It almost seems like it's inevitable."

Hickey also let us know he talked extensively Monday with catcher A.J. Pierzynski at a golf tournament, and that he expressed keen interest in playing for Tampa Bay -- but Hickey added that money might be a stumbling block.

He went in depth on the possibility that Jake McGee could be the the new closer, but stressed that he has to develop a secondary pitch.

"I personally envision a slider.. and if it's not a slider, a power slurve if you will," Hickey said.

Here is the full conversation: