by Ryan Adams

Alayna Adams, a 9-year old coming to Tropicana Field Thursday night with her family to take in a Rays game, had no idea what was about to take place as she was told she would be throwing out the first pitch before the game.  As she took the mound, her mom by her side, little Alayna stared down the man behind home late in the Rays catchers gear, holding a glove up awaiting her pitch.  She gave her best wind up and fired a heater towards the plate.  The man recieved the pitch and then stood up as Alayna made her way towards him, removed his mask, and the rest was a moment that would leave all in attandance weapy-eyed and moved.

Lt. Coloniel Will Adams was the man behind home plate.  Alayna's father had come home from Afghanistan to surprise his family in front of thousands at Tropicana Field.

See the full video HERE. Warning, a box of tissues may be required for viewing.

Lt. Coloniel Adams was also a guest on the Ron and Ian Show Friday morning! For the entire conversation, click below!