Boston and its surrounding community are still dealing with the aftermath from Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon and as we found out late last night, there has also been a horrific event at MIT. 

While the news today encircles the hunt to capture the monsters that perpetrated these violents acts against our family, friends, and countrymen, we must remember that there are good, selfless heroes trying to help those in need.

Some of those men who showed tremendous bravery were part of our own military, and in this case, were not in Boston with the intention of being on guard at the Marathon. Instead, these men were there to partcipate, but found themselves in the midst of a crisis, and could not simply walk away.

They were a part of a group of military members called Tough Ruck 2013. The men walked the 26.2 mile course carrying their rucksacks, which weighed 32-45 pounds and was filled with Gatorade, socks, a change of clothes and small first-aid kits.

They were there with the intention of raising money for Military Friends Foundation, but their intentions quickly turned to doing what they have been trained and more than willing to do: protect the people of our great nation, even though some of them had just finished the eight-hour trek and were undoubtedly exhausted.

CLICK HERE to read what First Sgt. Bernard Madore, 1st Lt. Steve Fiola, and Staff Sgt. Mark Welch (all guardsmen in the 1060th Transportation Company and Massachusetts natives) did after the bombs were detonated.