By Dory LeBlanc

Longtime NFL quarterback and broadcaster Joe Theismann joined The Ron and Ian Show Friday morning to talk about everything football - from the hiring of Lovie Smith, saying the new Bucs head coach is a player's coach who "will treat them like men and give them a chance to be like men" to playing in unfavorable weather conditions, "You desensitize a little bit to the cold."

But Theismann's take on why Tampa Bay should stick with their current starter may be the most untouched theory as to why Mike Glennon could be the No. 1 guy under center for the Bucs next season.

"I think he is," Theismann said of Glennon being the starter in 2014. "I think you go to camp, you go to your offseason workouts with Mike Glennon as your quarterback. That's the way you have to approach it. He played a lot of football, he showed a lot of promise; he threw 19 touchdowns just nine interceptions, so that shows me he can protect the football. He was without Mike Williams. You look at certain players on that football team and you start sitting down and you start looking at the offense getting some people back.

"You look at the defense of what the nucleus is all about and you think to yourself, 'This is a football team that can win a lot more football games,' and you would expect to win almost double-digit football games going forward.

"But Mike, I believe is going to be your quarterback and should be.

"That's the other thing, too. I think we forget with this Collective Bargaining Agreement that was signed a couple years ago, and it's a little bit of a problem in being a new coach coming into an organization, you can't get with your players until the first of March, I believe. So, you have all of February - no, first of April - so, you have all of January, all of February and all of March before you really get a chance to sit down with your players because of this, 'Let's not over-work the players who are never over-worked' philosophy." 

To hear the conversation with Theismann in its entirety, click the player below: