Tony Stewart is standing up for his Stewart-Haas Racing teammate Danica Ptatrick following comments made by NASCAR legendary driver Richard Petty.   Petty speaking at a trade show in Canada earlier in the week said Patrick, a second-year driver at NASCAR's highest level, could only win "if everybody else stayed home."

NASCAR’s career victory leader has not apologized or backed down from his comments, but Stewart has a great idea for both Patrick and Petty to settle this “dispute.”

“I think that (a race) would pretty much settle it once and for all, maybe get him to shut up a little bit, too” said Stewart.  “I will supply the cars. If he wants to race her, I'll make sure they have exactly the same setup in the car and give him the chance. He can drive one of my 14 cars. I don't care.”

Stewart went on to say what Patrick should do if they raced and she won by stating: "If I were her, I'd take (the checkered flag) over there and cram it up his (butt)."