By Dory LeBlanc

Former Denver Broncos executive and talent evaluator Ted Sundquist joined the Ron and Ian Show Thursday morning and brought his always informative insight on the Buccaneers' new hire, Lovie Smith, but his opinion on Mike Glennon from a former Director of Player Personnel perspective was possibly the most interesting.

Sundquist said he felt the hiring of Smith is "exactly what the organization needed" and expressed he was initially concerned the Buccaneers would hire more of an upstart than a proven professional.

"To be quite honest with you, I was a little concerned if they had gone in the direction of a first-time head coach, a younger guy, someone who didn't have any experience," Sundquist said. "I think the Bucs needed stability and with Lovie Smith - he knows the organization, he's been down there before - he brings stability. 

"This is an experienced head coach, he's been to the Super Bowl, he has playoff experience - multiple seasons in the playoffs. (He's) Everything that that organization needs, I think, to take the next step and start competing again in that ultra-competitive NFC South."

Sundquist spoke about the importance of having a general manager that will work with Smith and complement his coaching style - pointing out that the Bucs' GM spot is the only general manager job that is open in the NFL, which bodes well for Tampa Bay. 

When it comes to the quarterback situation, Sundquist said if he was the GM, he would stick with Mike Glennon in 2014, over Heisman winning-QB Johnny Manziel, who has not yet officially declared for the upcoming draft in May. 

"I'd go with Mike Glennon, I really would," Sundquist said. "We'd have to have another whole show on Johnny Manziel, guys. I'd go with Mike Glennon. Again, I think we're looking for stability right now. Give it a shot and see if you can take this young quarterback who has a year of experience under his belt and at times really flashed for us and see if he can take you to that next level. And if not, you know there's going to be another whole crop of young, athletic quarterbacks coming in.

"So, I would try it that way first and build around him through free agency and the draft."

To hear the conversation with Ted Sundquist in its entirety, click the player below:

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