By: Reid Pittman

Jack Lavery, a freshman from West Chester University, who was robbed of a $10,000 prize during a halftime contest at a basketball game, called into the Sports Page to explain to Rick and Tom what happened.

Lavery explained to Rick and Tom how he was selected to compete in the halftime contest.

“It’s just like a lottery,” Lavery said. “I wrote my name on a piece of paper and put it in a box and I just happened to get picked.”

Lavery had to make a lay-up, a free throw, a three-point shot and then a half-court shot in less than 25 seconds to win the $10,000 prize. He converted the lay-up, three-pointer and the free throw with ease, but missed his first half-court attempt and then with three seconds left lets the ball fly in a “Hail Mary” fashion making the shot and winning the contest.

Not long after winning the contest, a representative from the school came up to his family and told them that he had not won the contest because he did not make the half-court shot on the first attempt, as it says in the contract that Lavery had to sign before competing.

He is then asked about how long he had to study the contract he had to sign before the contest started.

“I literally signed the contract and they took it away from me right away,” Lavery said. “I didn’t have time to study it or anything.”

No one has contacted Lavery directly, but the school did release the contract.  

There is a chance that he will still get the prize money. He tells Rick and Tom that he has heard rumors that the West Chester University board is getting together to make a final decision.

“All of my classmates are behind me and everybody has my back,” Lavery said. “I hope they come to their senses and reward me for what I did.”

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