BY: John Mamola

Donald Sterling was in a fit of rage on the witness stand on Wednesday as Sterling denounced his wife, her lawyers and the NBA including pronouncing he would never sell the Los Angeles Clippers.

Oh and Sterling also vowed to spend the rest of his life suing the league. 

Does he sound like an 80+ year old billionaire with nothing left to lose?

Sterling said his wife, Shelly, had deceived him, that she was not capable of understanding the family trust, and that he did not authorize her to strike a deal to sell the team.  With a raised voice and anger in his veins, he was followed to the witness stand by Shelly Sterling, who declared her love for him, but says she was convinced he needed to be examined for Alzheimer's disease.

That’s when the highlight of the afternoon came when Mrs. Sterling was leaving the witness stand for the day and tried to approach her husband in the audience. But Donald shouted "get away, from me you pig!"

Here were some more highlights courtesy of reporters in the courtroom.