BY: John Mamola

Former Chicago Bears General Manager (and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers scouting director) Jerry Angelo has traded his GM hat in for an online blogger hat with his new blog  Angelo himself has created online posts ranging from homosexuality in the National Football League to rating the potential draft picks in the upcoming 2014 NFL draft.  However Angelo's latest post has created quite a stir online as the former GM rated every quarterback to play a snap in the 2013 NFL regular season from best to worst.

So where does Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon fit into the rankings by Angelo? 

According to Angelo, Glennon ranks as a 6.3 on his 10 point scale where Glennon is considered:

"Where he can start and compete with a good supporting cast and quality coaching, but lacks something, i.e., arm talent (strength or accuracy), poise, instincts. Not good enough. To win with him 2 of the 3 of the phases have to be dominate or surround him with high caliber players."

Angelo continued on Glennon by saying:

"He showed good poise and good arm strength. Can see over the rush and can get the ball down field. Those are the pluses. The negatives are he’s to slow and immobile. Will hold onto the ball long after his internal clock should have gone off and struggles to extend a play once it breaks down. His accuracy is average and struggles in the intermediate area of the field."

According to Angelo's rankings, Glennon is just below the likes of Kyle Orton, Josh McCown, Matt Schaub, Jake Locker and Ryan Tannehill.  Glennon however is ranked higher than free agent QB's Michael Vick, Josh Freeman and Matt Cassell.

During his tenure in Chicago, Angelo drafted quarterbacks such as Rex Grossman, Craig Krenzel, and Kyle Orton.  Angelo also signed free agents Chad Hutchinson, Jonathan Quinn, and Kordell Stewart.  Angelo's biggest move at quarterback as GM of the Bears was trading two first round picks, a third round pick and Kyle Orton for current Bears signal caller Jay Cutler.

To view the entire blog post by the former GM, click here.