BY: John Mamola

We all love the one shot, one opportunity, and you could win _________ if you convert the bucket.  Hit a half court shot and you win a thousand dollars, or throw as many footballs through the hole and your debt will be paid. 

We all think to ourselves as we watch these amateurs compete for the almighty dollar (or a free t-shirt) that we could do so much better than these clowns on the field.

The San Diego Padres announced a new promotion where you could win season tickets for the 2014 Padres season......if you hit a home run in cavernous Petco Park.  Seems simple enough right?  Here's the catch.

Before stepping into the batter’s box a waiver must be signed. Participants will only be allowed to swing at one pitch, so selecting wisely will be key. If you played Division 1 collegiate or professional baseball you won’t be eligible to claim the prize.

For the full rules, click here.