By Jennifer Dixon:


Olympic hockey is in full swing. With the United States playing the Check Republic today, the NHL Network's E.J. Hradek joined The Sports Page this morning to discuss why it is important for the Americans to get off to a good start in today’s game against the Czech Republic.

“I don’t think you don’t want to let a team like the Czechs hang around," Hradek said. "They have a veteran team. They get Patrick Elias back today; he was out last two games with illness. If they hang around the game and it becomes a one shot game well then it becomes a coin toss from there."

The longer that the Americans let the Czech team hang in the game, it could be an issue for Team U.S.A.

“It is important to get off to a good start and put the other team on their heals and take the life out of the Czech team early in the game," Hradek said. "The longer the game is close, the more the Czechs think they can win the game - that is going to be a problem.


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