FOX Sports Senior NFL Reporter Alex Marvez joined The Sports Page Tuesday morning to talk all things NFL on the morning after one of the most-hyped preseason games in recent memory - Cleveland Vs. Washington.

Marvez believes Browns rookie star quarterback Johnny Manziel should sit behind Brian Hoyer, but that head coach Mike Pettine should let the two QBs slug it out in Week 3. 

The FOX reporter goes on to say that despite feeling that most rookies should not be thrown into the fire, he doesn't mind Teddy Bridgewater starting under center in Minnesota - due mostly to the fact the Vikings have a strong offensive line.

One quarterback expected to have a stand-out year this season is Miami's Ryan Tannehill - but as Marvez pointed out, Bucs DT Gerald McCoy didn't help his cause Saturday night at Raymond James Stadium.

"I didn't know that Gerald McCoy played fullback for the Dolphins," Marvez said, "Because he was in the backfield so much I just figured that they would just hand him the football at some point and do a Jim Marshall and have him run the wrong way on his team. The guy was just unstoppable."

The SiriusXM host touched on the QB situation with the Bucs, saying although Josh McCown improved from his outing against Jacksonville in Week 1, he believes the 12-year veteran is just a temporary fix.

"McCown was so much better in Week 2 than Week 1, "Marvez said. "Week 1, he was sloppy. I saw things that you'd see rookie quarterbacks do. Still think Mike Glennon is the future of this team, maybe that future comes sooner than later."

But, like most analysts in the country, when asked to give an opinion about Tampa Bay, the conversation drifted right back to their All-Pro interior lineman.

"But I can tell you this, Gerald McCoy - I'm voting it: the best defensive tackle in football, he's it," said Marvez. "Pay the man. Forget about Ndamukong Suh - don't worry about him, Gerald McCoy is the guy. What an absolute beast, what a team leader, the Bucs are lucky to have him."

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