In town for a book signing, former Bucs head coach Tony Dungy shared some time Friday with the Sports Page.

He had plenty to say abut the Bucs prospects with Lovie Smith as head coach, and the recent new Hall of Fame class.

Dungy was not surprised at all he didn't get into the Hall simply due to the competition. He called Derrick Brooks' selection a "no-brainer" but was quite upset his former receiver in Indianapolis Marvin Harris was excluded.

As for the current Bucs: "The whole atmosphere in the building is going to be much different. Those guys are going to enjoy coming to work and enjoy playing for Lovie."

He wasn't necessarily hard on former coach Greg Schiano, saying "I know what he tried to establish... it's going to be a different vibe, with a coach whose been in the NFL already."

Listen to the full conversation here, where he gets into plenty of the contents of his book "Uncommon Marriage". Dungy is appearing at Barnes & Noble on 11802 North Dale Mabry at noon, and Saturday at approximately noon is holding an event at Grace Family Church in Lutz.