BY: John Mamola

This is something the should have been figured out before kickoff.

The Vanderbilt Commodores have uniforms with the slogan "Anchors Down" on the back of each and every jersey, but as we learned with USF's attempt at "The Team" you simply just can't do that.  According to NCAA rules only service academies are allowed to share the same nameplate on the back of every player's jersey, unless you get permission.

Which Vandy did, but the problem was the game officials didn't know that and penalized a timeout to Vandy for the uniforms.

That's when all hell broke loose.

Vanderbilt found a copy of the email from Steve Shaw, the SEC's coordinator of officials, approving the use of the uniforms.  They showed it to the referees and bingo!  Timeout back to Vanderbilt.

The players were just happy for the new look.