BY: John Mamola

What is wrong with the picture above?

According to The Telegraph, Brazilian police are investigating a group of fans who attended a World Cup game in wheelchairs for possible ticket fraud.  Why you may ask when scalpers are a very common thing in the United States?

As you’ll see from several photos shown on CCTV and on social media sites appear to show Brazilian fans that claimed to be wheelchair-bound jumping out of their seats/wheelchairs in celebration.

Local police believe the fans may have purchased the tickets through the secondary market (for example: StubHub) and wound up having to use wheelchairs to get into the stadium with the seats they bought. A Brazilian law requires 1% of the stadium’s capacity to be devoted to disabled fans.

It is illegal to purchase seats that are reserved for disabled patrons and those tickets also cost roughly half the price of a regular seat.

While we don’t want to speculate about the condition of the fans in the above photo, you can only hope someone wouldn’t take advantage of the system like that.