BY: John Mamola

The NFL has taken its share of criticism lately for its two game suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice despite the domestic violence he allegedly committed against his wife.

According to the Washington Post’s Mark Maske, the league is considering harsher penalties for those who have committed domestic violence. The penalty reportedly would be a 4-6 game suspension for a first-time offender and possibly a one-year ban for a second offense. The NFLPA has not been included in these discussions yet, Maske reports.

This also comes on the same day that Maine Governor Paul LePage wrote a letter to Roger Goodell saying that it's unconscionable for the league to punish Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice with a two-game suspension for a domestic violence arrest.

LePage, who was beaten by his father when he was young, has made domestic abuse prevention and awareness a priority of his administration in “The Pine Tree State.”  He said that simply suspending players for domestic violence can send a poor message to young men that such behavior is acceptable and shows that the league "has no compassion" for the victims.

Rice has pleaded not guilty to the alleged domestic violence.