By Jennifer Dixon



Dr. Mularoni from All Children’s Hospital joined The Sports Page this morning and discussed Steven Stamkos not playing in the Olympics. 

“They (have) to be real careful because hockey is a contact sport,” Mularoni said. “He is going to get hit in the leg, versus someone who might be in another sport where you can emulate those things in rehab, you can’t emulate someone coming in skating in and smacking against your leg.” 

Even though Stamkos isn’t ready for the Olympics, Lightning fans shouldn’t consider this a setback in the rehabilitation of his broken tibia.

“Ever since the injury back in November on the 11th, we have been talking about, 'Is he going to make the Olympics or not make the Olympics?' It would have been early for him to be playing in the Olympics,” Mularoni said. “That is the thing we need to remember, he is still on the right track. For NHL fans, he made the right decision,” Mularoni said. 


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