Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times joined The Sports Page Tuesday morning, as he does every morning, to talk about the season Chris Archer (8-6, 3.24 ERA) has had so far. 

"Yeah, I would think it's been a pretty good season for Chris Archer," Topkin said. "You know he came in, the idea being that this was going to be the first year he would be here in the big leagues start to finish, and they were going to see how he handled that - both mentally and physically and all that kind of stuff.

"So, I think it's a good year he's had. I've seen some rough stretches, as any young pitcher does. I think you still see some moments during a game where things get a little tough for him, he gets himself into a little bit of a predicament. Usually, for the most part, he's found his way out of it. He's had a couple games, like (Jeremy) Hellickson had the other day where things happen and they happen quickly and he wasn't able to get out of it. 

"I think he's worked through that for the most past and I think that's the best sign of progress when you're watching Chris Archer's development is how he's been able to get out of trouble when he gets into it. 

"He's similar to David Price in that he holds himself to a very high standard," Topkin said, "I mean, you talk to Chris Archer about his game and he talks about, you know, there's going to be about 100 in every game and he wants to execute all 100 pitches and he makes 33 starts and 3300 pitches, he wants to make every single one of them as perfectly as you can and the ones that get away are usually the ones that hurt you.

"So he has high goals, but I think, for the most part, it's been a pretty decent year."

Topkin also touched on Price's return to the Trop for the first time since being dealt at the MLB trade deadline to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for P Drew Smyly and IF Nick Franklin. After pointing out that the Rays usually trade big-name players at the end of the season and that this is a unique situation for Tampa Bay and Price, Topkin offered that he believes it will be a light-hearted reunion.

"Knowing David Price a little bit, my guess is he'll say - they'll be something funny that comes out of today; it will probably have to do with his dog or something like that. But, I don't think he's going to have any harsh words for the Rays, I think he understood (the trade) as difficult as it was for him, and the fact that he's pitched a couple times, he's pitched three times for the Tigers - he's pitched in Detroit now, he's gotten kind of past all of the hurdles except for this one. 

"So, I don't think it will be a huge deal. I'm more curious to see how the fans react on Thursday - the fact it's a day game and school's back in session may limit how many fans actually are there. But it will be curious to see because I don't think either side really got the chance to publicly say goodbye, David did take the ad out in the Tampa Bay Times, but there wasn't that chance for the fans to acknowledge him, so that will be interesting to see before Thursday's game.

"My guess is we'll be talking tomorrow about something funny or weird he said, but no major news that he made." 

You can catch Game 1 of the Tigers - Rays series from the Trop with the Suncoast Hyundai Inside Pitch beginning at 6:00 pm on 620 AM / 95.3 FM.

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