BY: John Mamola

This is a perfect case of when a fan goes over the line with being "a fan." 

A Cleveland Browns fan posted the video below to YouTube of him allegedly urinating on the grave of former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell.

Modell (died in 2012) remains a despised figure by many in Cleveland for moving the beloved Browns to Baltimore in the dead of the night following the conclusion of the 1995 NFL regular season.

The fan put on an Ed Reed jersey as a perfect disguise and supposedly used a catheter to make the urinating process easy and not visible by anybody who could be around the gravesite.

In explaining why he was urinating on Modell’s grave, the fan says, “I had no choice,” which were the exact words used by Modell to explain why he moved the Browns out of Cleveland.

No word on who the identification of the man is and if the Modell family will file any charges.