BY: John Mamola

Over the last couple weeks Charles Barkley and the women of the city of San Antonio, have been engaged in a war of words which was spawned by a comment Barkley made during an episode of the NBA on TNT pre-game a few weeks ago.  Barkley called the city a “gold mine for Weight Watchers” referencing the weight of the women of San Antonio.

Needless to say some women’s groups did not think the joke was any bit funny demanding an apology, for which Barkley said he would not do.

Monday night the Inside the NBA pregame studio traveled to — you guessed it! — San Antonio for the start of the Western Conference Finals. 

And Barkley didn’t back down at all. 

Later in the pre game broadcast, the camera crew of TNT attempted to prove Barkley's assumptions incorrect for which Barkley did not want to budge.