BY: John Mamola

Now that Kansas forward Andrew Wiggins and Duke guard Jabari Parker are done for the remainder of the NCAA Tournament, the focus now turns on their future and if it involves any more games at their two representative universities.  Wiggins and Parkers are expected to be the top two selections in the upcoming NBA draft if they both choose to leave college after a single season and enter the NBA.

NBA on TNT (and college basketball maven) analyst Charles Barkley spoke on the topic of Wiggins and Parker leaving the NCAA for the NBA during the CBS post game show, and said that both would have problems playing in a league with "grown men."

"I want these kids to stay in school longer because the NBA is worse than it’s ever been,” Barkley said. “It’s not good basketball. It’s frustrating for me to watch. These kids aren’t physically or emotionally ready to come and play against grown men."

I'm sure new NBA commissioner Adam Silver is happy to know that the league's signature analyst believes the NBA is as worse as it's ever been.  Or is this just 'old NBA player syndrome' (meaning it'll never be as good as when I played)?

Then again, Barkley's comments are getting plenty of support online.