BY: John Mamola

Donald Sterling has changed his mind and decided he’s good with selling the Los Angeles Clippers after all. 

An attorney for Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling tells the Associated Press that Sterling has agreed to sign off on selling the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for what would be a record $2 billion.

Sterling telling NBC TV Los Angeles that he was ready to move on with the sale of the franchise.


Attorney Maxwell Blecher said Wednesday that Sterling "has made an agreement with the NBA to resolve all their differences" and approved a deal negotiated by his wife Shelly Sterling to sell the team.

Last week Sterling sued the NBA alleging the NBA violated his constitutional rights by relying on information from an "illegal" recording that publicized racist remarks he made to a girlfriend. It also says the league committed a breach of contract by fining Sterling $2.5 million and that it violated antitrust laws by forcing a sale.

Blecher says the suit will be dismissed by Sterling as the sale of the team must be approved by the other owners of the National Basketball Association.