Flair, Diggins Steal Show In ESPN Body Issue

posted by Trey Downey -

Everyone knows that Ronnie D marks down the Body Issue on his calendar. This year's addition is out and some of Ron's favorite are in there. Saquon Barkley, Charlotte Flair, Jessie Diggins, and Greg Norman's photos have people talking. Check them out below:

Espn Body Issue ☑️ @espn

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I never thought I’d do the @espn #bodyissue...but that’s also because at one point in my life, I never thought I’d have the self-confidence to love myself and truly believe that who I am is good enough. I am perfectly imperfect, and beautifully flawed. And before you judge, there’s a blog post about my journey to positive body image that you really should read (link in bio). Love your body for the kick-ass things it can do, not for what it looks like. 💪🏼📷: @dina_litovsky

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I fight for legacy. I fight for history. 👑 #doitwithflair #body10 📷: @nicklaham

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@espn #BodyIssue on stands today! My goal is to do something every day that scares me! Side note: I had a few pints of @benandjerrys after this 😎 #body10

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If you would’ve asked me almost six years ago that I would be wearing a robe and one of the athletes in the @espn #Body10 #BodyIssue I would have said no way! I’ve always enjoyed this issue the most because I admired and looked up to the athletes who were sending the message “strong is sexy.” The women in the @WWE have fought tirelessly for years now to be considered more than just “eye candy,” more than just an “attraction,” but for opportunities to show the world we are athletes and show stealers just like the men anywhere. I’m on a mission and one of my bucket list goals was to have the opportunity to be in this issue so it’s one part pinch me moment and second part another reason why the women’s evolution is continuing to make an impact on all fronts around the world. Being able to feel strong, sexy and comfortable in my own skin is empowering and I hope this helps others to feel the same 👊🏻 #espn #espnbodyissue #thebodyissue #espnw #sports Photo credit: @nicklaham @espnw Nutrition: @jasonphillips_in3 Trainer: @hardnockssouth

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Time for the big reveal! Honoured to have been a part of the @ESPN #BodyIssue. 63 and strong 💪 #Body10 📷: @kwakualston

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