How Sly Stallone Stays Jacked In His 70s

posted by Trey Downey -

Sylvester Stallone is still as jacked as ever at 72. He has trainers that keep him in good enough shape to do like 8 more Rocky movies and maybe even more Rambo. Just how does he stay in shape? Of course, boxing is a big part of it. Check out these workout videos that will instantly make you feel horrible about your own fitness. 

Still the most exhilarating exercise there is… Keep punching! #creed2 #healthyfood #rockybalboa1976

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Feeling the BURN! I know it gets harder every year but hang in there, consider it a challenging hobby. This piece of equipment made by Synergy Fitness does it ALL! @synergyfitnessequipment @gunnarfitness #healthyfood # boxing #creed 2

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Another easy workout! You’re only as old as you and your joints feel!LOL

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