Boss Gives College Student Car After Walking 20 Miles To Work

posted by Trey Downey - 

All of us know what is like to struggle as a college student. We've all had the problem of a car being broken down and not being able to get to work. This college student didn't let any of that phase him. He calculated it would take 7 hours to walk the 20 hours to work. He did it and that dedication was rewarded. His boss gave him his personal car to get to and from work. Check out the awesome video below. 

We've all seen the amazing story shared by Jenny about one of our bellhops, Walter Carr, but many have asked if we have any video from the moment CEO @LukeMarklin thanked Walter for the perseverance he demonstrated on his first day w/ @BellhopsMoving #TheWorldNeedsMoreWalters

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