Buccaneers Defense Lays The Hammer In Final Practice With Titans

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Even though the Bucs and Titans were just in shells (which is just shoulder pads, not full pads), there was still plenty of physicality from both sides coming off a day where the Bucs beat the Titans pretty good โ€” and let them know about it with some smack talk.

Speaking of smacks, Bucs safety Chris Conte gave Titans running back Dion Lewis a hit to remember on Thursday, which caused quite the stir among both rosters.

It was a run play up the middle. Conte was just flying in to fill the gap, was pushed a little more than he thought, and ran into Lewis at full speed, knocking him to the ground. Both teams got in each otherโ€™s faces after the play and had to be separated by the coaching staffs.


All good in the neighborhood ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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