Wipeout Wednesday On A Thursday 8-30-18

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A stuntman is probably one of the ballsiest professions that one can go into. When you create an instagram with all of your exploits it creates some of the craziest and most cringeworthy video that you can find. That makes it perfect for Wipeout Wednesday on a Thursday again! Pair those with some skim boarders who just get ate up by some huge waves. Check it out below!

Sempre difícil se despedir da Califórnia, esse pico tem um lugar especial no meu coração e essa foto do @andre_magarao mostra bem o por quê disso! Que registro! 📸⚡️🍇 Agora é hora de partir pra Vilano Beach, na Flórida, que amanhã já começa a penúltima etapa do @unitedskimtour ! #BoraTime 🇧🇷💪🏼 - It’s always hard to say goodbye to California! I love this place so much and this amazing shot by @andre_magarao can explain pretty well why. Now it’s time to head to Vilano Beach (FL 🇺🇸) for the 5th stop of the @unitedskimtour ! Let’s do it 💪🏼🙌🏼 - 📸: @andre_magarao

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Aqua man in danger 😂 ——— 🎥 @fliplikez

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Esskeetit roll 😂 ( this trick feels amazing, before you hit the ground 🤯😎 🎥 @soloflow7

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Water slide + backflip madness .🤷‍♂️ 😱@josse_slater .🤣 somehow he survived 📸 @thejasonpaul

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