Never Ask Another Man To Smell Your Fingers

posted by Trey Downey - 

There are certain things a man should never do or ask of another man. Don't use the urinal next to someone when another is open is probably the biggest rule. Another one is that you should probably never ask another man, much less another person to smell your fingers. This guy learned it the hard way. 

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My fingers are messed up from nervous biting. I only recently realized I was doing this , I thought it was from driving too much , or holding my iPad for a long time when I binge watch shows in bed , but it's actually from biting my fingers 😳 I put Band-Aids on and when I was concentrating on something I'd put my fingers in my mouth and wonder ..."😶". I was then playing with a snap on bracelette and caught myself chewing it a lot ☹️. I'm trying to break this awful habit #bdp #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #fingerbiting #finger #fingers #mentalhealth #anxiety #anxious

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