Tampa Bay Bucs: Gerald McCoy's Offseason NFL Workout Partners

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pro Bowl DT Gerald McCoy has been around the league long enough to know how to keep his body in shape during the Bucs' offseason; and he's surrounded himself w/ some like-minded NFL defensive stars!

The most underrated!! @nfl @nflnetwork Y’all gonna start putting some respect on my guy @bigdame900 name!! Best in the game at what he do!! @coachbtjordan Preciate the work. @aqibtalib21 Preciate you opening your gym to the big fellas. Y’all in Dallas go check my guys out @aplus.d1

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As well as a look at some of the things he's focused on improving and growing in his own game!

History lesson today people. This move here ladies and gentlemen is best known as the cross chop, club, rip. It’s a 3-part move that’s extremely effective when done right and my favorite pass rush move. It’s been done a lot of ways but was made famous by the individual who taught it to me @warrensapp. And the original name he gave it was the Walter People’s special “I make it up as I go” Preciate it big homie. Don’t be fooled by how easy he made it look. Looks easy but its very difficult to master the timing. Takes reps, reps, reps............

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