Weird News

Millennials Upset Over Baseball Team's "Millennial Night"
Drone Spots Missing Scottish Climber Feared Dead in Himalayas
Workers Are More Productive in a 4-Day Work Week, Study Says
Side of Gossip Comes With Man's McDonald's Order
Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Known As Dr. BumBum On The Run After...
Parents Warned After Child Who Touched Caterpillar Is Hospitalized
Woman's Pet Spider Monkey Named 'Spanky' Attacks Home Depot Employee
Woman Expected To Survive After Being Stung 200 Times By...
California Ghost Town Cerro Gordo Sells For $1.4 Million
Man Ditches Date, Steals Her Car, Uses It To Take Another...
People Struggle to Disconnect While On Vacation New Study Reveals
Texas Woman Accused Of Biting Off Woman's Nose, Swallowing it


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