TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) – Hillsborough County deputies say a 7-year-old boy is in the hospital after being accidentally shot by his grandmother.

It happened on the 6500 block of Alta Monte Drive in Tampa around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday.

Deputies say the boys' father had gone to work and the grandmother had placed a chair against the bedroom door handle for extra protection. While she was sleeping with her twin grandsons, Tyler Maddox and his brother, she heard the chair sliding against the wood floor, thought it was an intruder, and grabbed a loaded .22 caliber revolver she keeps by the bed and fired one shot in the dark, towards the door. 

Seconds after firing, deputies say she heard the screams of her grandson, Tyler, who had been shot in the upper body, according to deputies. He was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital where he remains in critical, but stable condition, deputies said.

According to sheriff’s office spokesperson, Cristal Bermudez Nunez, the grandmother is not expected to be charged and the investigation continues.

UPDATE 5:36 p.m. Tuesday: Deputies say Tyler Maddox is now out of surgery. He remains in critical, but stable condition.

Photo Credit Getty Images (File)