BY: Reid Pittman

Former player and current Tampa Bay Lightning color commentator Bobby “The Chief” Taylor joined WDAE’s “The Sports Page” on Thursday morning to talk about Marty St. Louis and the return of Steven Stamkos. 

When asked about his thoughts on the recent trade request by Marty St. Louis, Taylor shares that just like Tampa Bay Lightning fans, he is very confused by his demand to be traded.

“When you look at the circumstances, I’m kind of like everybody else,” said Taylor. “What was it that was so bad that you wanted out of here this badly?”

Taylor was also asked about what he thinks Marty’s former teammates are going through.

“You have to really focus on what you are doing,” Taylor said. “Because if you don’t then you are going to be in a situation where you have to go.”

Rick and Tom then asked Taylor what he believes the mental state of the Lightning’s new acquisition Ryan Callahan will be.

“I think he will be pumped,” said Taylor. “You always want to prove the team that traded you wrong and you always want to show your new team that you can play and that you are glad to be there.”

To listen to Taylor’s full comments on Marty St. Louis, the Lightning’s new acquisition Ryan Callahan and the return of Steven Stamkos, click below:






Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images