Russell Athletic’s Taylor Vernier (L) joins “Always There Award” winners Mark Davis and Helen DeSantis, and All Pro Dad Ambassador Coach Tony Dungy, at a ceremony in Tampa, Fla. The “Always There Award” honors two Floridians that go above and beyond to support high school athletics.

In town to speak for his foundation former Bucs head coach Tony Dungy shared some time with Ron and Ian on Monday, and had plenty to say about the current Tampa Bay squad.

Dungy said he "loves" what the Bucs did to improve the secondary and said the team has the makings of "something special" if it can come together.

He was asked if the Bucs have the makings of a playoff team.

"To me Training Camp always determines that," Dungy said on WDAE. "The Buccaneers are very, very much improved on paper, but I think you saw with the Philadelphia Eagles, that doesn't always translate. You gotta get that talent to come together, you gotta get them to buy into the way the coaches want to do it. And you gotta work together as a team."

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Dungy spoke at a luncheon Monday to award this year's "Always There" winners from his All Pro Dads foundation.