BY: John Mamola

As the National Football League moves ever so closer to adding a franchise in London, the rumors of whether or not the league would simply add a team or move a team continue to swirl.  CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason LaCanfora suggesting the team that is the most likely to move if that were the decision by the NFL would be the Jacksonville Jaguars.  LaCanfora citing in his report that Jacksonville suffers from a the lack of local infrastructure, corporate support and capital.

However LaCanfora’s colleague and Jacksonville-based Pete Prisco thinks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would a more likely franchise to move cross the pond and land in London.

According to Prisco:

“Why not Tampa Bay to London? The Bucs' owners -- the Glazer family -- also own the Manchester United Football Club -- soccer in this country. They know about the market.”

Prisco also stating that the attendance in both Tampa and Miami both fell short of a lackluster Jaguars club which finished the season 2-14.

“Is it their attendance? They averaged more per game than either Miami or Tampa Bay last year -- the two other Florida franchises -- by a lot. The Jaguars averaged 64,984 fans last season to rank 20th. Tampa Bay was 31st at 55,102 and Miami was 29th at 57,329.

Last time I checked, the Miami and Tampa markets were a lot bigger, and both teams had better records than the 2-14 Jaguars. So, does that make Jacksonville a better football market?”

This year’s games in London will include the Jaguars taking on the San Francisco 49ers, and the Minnesota Vikings facing off with the Pittsburgh Steelers.